How long are sessions?
Sessions are 45 minutes in duration. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations, Missed Sessions and Rescheduling: We ask for 48 hours notice for any cancelling or rescheduling for a different week so we can attempt to fill the appointment time.  All appointments that are rescheduled for a different week, cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or missed will be charged the regular fee for that appointment via the credit or debit card on file for you.

What is your fee and payment policy?
Our fee is $150 ($156 for credit/debit). We also offer a sliding scale fee structure, you may choose to pay $55, $75 or $105 per session (*$58/ $78/ $109 for credit or debit cards).  We do not ask for proof of income when deciding the fee.  We ask that you pay at the rate you can afford and feels right to you, doing so allows us to provide psychotherapy to a diverse array of folks and continue to provide sustainable psychotherapy to the community at large.  The fee is due at time of treatment.  

Is psychotherapy confidential?
Yes, what you talk about is confidential and we will take every measure I can to safeguard your information.  It is unethical for us to disclose information about our work together with a few exceptions listed below where we are required by our profession to break confidentiality.

-In the event there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person.
-If you disclose information that provides evidence of current abuse or neglect of a child or an older adult.
-You authorize your therapist to disclose information (e.g., to another treatment provider or family member).
-In certain legal proceedings, which is very rare, and we are under court order.

Do you keep notes about what I say in session?
Yes.  The laws and standards of our profession require that we keep clinical treatment records.  We can prepare a summary for you if you request it within a reasonable time frame.  Because these are professional records, they can be misinterpreted and/or upsetting to untrained readers.  If you wish to see your records, we recommend that you view them in our presence so that we can discuss the contents.  We do charge an appropriate fee for professional time spent in responding to this request.