Psychotherapy typically involves meeting one on one with a trained mental health professional to talk about the things in your life that cause tension for you. It usually involves regular sessions, usually forty-five minutes in length. Duration and frequency vary depending on the nature of your problem(s) and your individual needs.


Our fee is $150 cash, $156 for debit or credit. However we are focused on making our services affordable to the community, so we offer a no questions asked sliding scale fee. You may choose to pay $55, $75, $105 (*$58/ $78/ $109/ $156 for credit or debit cards). We do not ask for proof of income when deciding the fee. We ask that you pay at the highest rate you can afford and feels right to you, doing so allows us to provide psychotherapy to a diverse array of folks and continue to provide sustainable psychotherapy to the community at large. The fee is due at time of treatment.

We can only support a limited number of appointment slots for each price point. We are currently at capacity for the $55 rate. In order to maintain our sustainability and hold each of us accountable we do ask that if you are able to afford a higher fee level, please pay at that rate, as it allows the folks who need help and need a lower fee to see someone in a timely manner. Remember, seeking treatment is an investment in yourself.

Currently we are in-network with Consolidated Health Plan Student Insurance (New York University, Sarah Lawrence College) and Aetna (including Columbia University and Barnard student plan). Check with your insurance provider regarding co-pay or co-insurance rate. Fees for in-network clients may not match the sliding-scale above.

If you are not a member of these plans, you may be eligible for out-of-network reimbursement through your insurance provider. Consult your benefits plan for details.



Cancellations, Missed Sessions and Rescheduling: We ask for 48 hours notice for any cancelling or rescheduling for a different week so we can attempt to fill the appointment time. All appointments that are rescheduled for a different week, cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or missed will be charged the regular fee for that appointment via the credit or debit card on file for you. This means the cost of the session or $78 for insurance sessions.